GLENSUL machine injected rigid polyurethane foam insulation piping system is commonly used in the chiller water, refrigeration, hot water, process cooling, heating and many other systems. GLENSUL pre-insulated pipe and pre-insulated fittings can be used aboveground and underground. Our professional team can provide technical support unmatchable by others. With our highly experienced insulator, we provide site insulation and consultancy services to our valued customers.

GLENSUL Spiral lockseam duct is machine-formed. Known for its uniformity of size and quality, it is easy and economical to install. It combines the convenience of customise lengths, the economy of lighter gauge metal and the strength and rigidity of four ply spiral lockseam construction. The exterior seam adds structural strength to the ductwork while maintaining a smooth, obstructive-free interior as well we a true I.D.size. Four ply of metal forming a continuously interlocked reinforced rib on the outside permit fabrication of long lengths of pipe in a variety of diameters from minimum gauge material. Pre-insulated spiral lockseam duct is also available.

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PSB Product Listing Scheme

Singapore Green Building Product

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